Sunday, 14 July 2013


HOUSE OF CARDS (season 1)

House of Cards is an American political drama series set in present day Washington, D.C., It is the story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a Democrat from South Carolina's 5th congressional district and the House Majority Whip who, after getting passed over for appointment to Secretary of State, decides to exact his revenge on those who betrayed him. The series also stars Robin Wright, Kate Mara, and Corey Stoll in lead roles.

Underwood helped to secure the election of President Garret Walker on the premise that he would be appointed Secretary of State. As you may know politicians are probably the biggest liars on the planet save for sales people who will tell you anything in order to get what they need from you therefore it comes as no surprise when the president turns around and chooses to nominate Senator Michael Kern instead. Underwood is informed that he is needed in the House of Representatives in order to continue furthering the agenda of the administration. He doesn’t take this well and proceeds to come up with an intricate plan that will blind side towards the eventual conclusion of this first season. You think he’s after the Secretary of State position, NO siree he’s got bigger fish to fry.

He sets out to disgrace his enemies and like an elaborate game of chess he picks them off one by one starting with Kern, whose only crime was to be nominated in his stead. In his role as Underwood, Spacey adopts a southern drawl peppered with an underhanded stinging sarcasm. He is the quintessential Southern gentleman with a mean streak barely visible beneath the calm fa├žade he presents to the outside world. When you want to get something done in Washington, you don’t call the ‘ghostbusters,’ you call Underwood. His wife Claire brilliantly played by Robin Wright is cold and unassuming; she is the perfect politician’s wife. She stands by her man and is not above giving him a helping hand in his schemes so long as it serves her own interests. They have what I’d like to call a laissez faire kind of marriage and unlike most couples they have no secrets. Theirs’ is a union of convenience devoid of passion, yet they share a strange kind of love where each accepts the other’s limitations and they allow themselves occasional ‘away games’ from their matrimonial bed.

Underwood’s right hand man and confidant, is his chief of staff Doug Stamper (Corey Stoll). Stamper does most of the dirty work. Another player in this gripping drama is Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) an ambitious political reporter who gets in way over her head when she starts trading insider information with Underwood to gain more recognition in the Washington Herald. Things get even more complicated when she begins to have an affair with him.

At only 13 episodes, the first season of House of Cards is a smashing success with a second season already in the pipeline. It’s thrilling. The performances are brilliant. It’s one show you truly do not want to pass up.

Move over West Wing there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Kevin Spacey, he’s locked and loaded and ready to school you in underhanded political machinations that make up the Capitol Hill.

Verdict : An intelligent compelling drama that will have you begging for more.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Who are Big Meech and Larry Hoover? What makes them so important ? - Rick Ross talks about them alot 

Answer - Big Meech was apart of The Black Mafia Family (BMF) and had a multi-million dollar drug trafficking organization from California, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee and etc, and had a stash house for each state. And Larry hoover was the co founder of the Gangster Disciples (also known as the Black Gangster Disciple Nation) in Chicago.